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Camtasia Studio is the widely used screen capture & video-editing software. Camtasia Studio 8 is the latest version of the software that supports to create powerful, interactive and professional videos. Moreover, people can use this software for creating multimedia projects that can be used for marketing, sales, education and training.

Different file formats supported for export and import, which is highly beneficial over TechSmith Camtasia Studio 7.

Using Camtasia Studio is a great way of recording footage of what is happening on a laptop, PC screen. At the same time, this software supports to edit it into a slick presentation. Check below Camtasia Studio 8 key free and turn off update for it.

camtasia studio 8 key


The updated technology supports to import and edit together images, video clips, and music. Camtasia studio 8 is the smart way of creating video tutorials.

Camtasia studio 8 is the full-featured video editor. Even can export project to Flash or HTML5, of course, it can be watched on android, iPads, Android tablets pcs, laptops etc.

Camtasia Studio is the advanced software version that also gives you the tools to record windows system screen with ease.

After that, it turns those recordings into professional-grade videos. If you polished and edit your creation, you can easily share the videos directly from the app to drive, Google, YouTube etc.


Camtasia packed with a lot of nice features, the fluid interface makes creating screen capture videos. Obviously, you can easily set the program to record PowerPoint presentation and screen. In most cases, it is used to record entire screen.

This software records screen in the clear manner that also providing you with an excellent framework. With this, you can give finishing touches as well as add effects you want. You can capture the screen in the way you want it, additionally, you can utilize different tools included in the software to complete your video in an effective manner. Camtasia studio 8 includes following options like,

  • Captions
  • Quizzing
  • Multiple Transition Options,
  • Voice Narration,
  • Zoom and Pan Effect
  • Cursor Effects etc

Furthermore, you can use some built-in tools that support to enhance the audio quality of the voice recording.


  • Multiple output formats
  • Nice user interface
  • Support for high quality and YouTube video
  • Powerful video editing
  • Production preview

Camtasia Studio 8 is one of the highly preferred free screen recording programs which is available with power packed features that help to record your display of laptop, PC.

This software not only supports to record screen, this can also edit the video files saved automatically.

After that, you can upload the videos via online communities and YouTube daily motion. Camtasia studio 8 key records the display clearly, once you install this, it automatically starts screen record, at the same time it records what is being happened in the notebook.

With this, you can easily save videos and it is uncomplicated to play with HD video. The Camtasia studio 8 key is very easy to use. Hence download this advanced software to meet your exact needs, which is highly affordable that offer unique features.

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