Is Your Mood Dragging You Down?

✨ You don’t need a mental health diagnosis to struggle with mood—OR to get relief from functional medicine ✨

There is a huge misconception that you need to be given an official diagnosis in order to get help with mood. And really, you should be careful about having a mental health diagnosis placed into your medical record. Patients with a mental health diagnosis may have trouble getting life insurance. A better “diagnosis” is Adjustment Disorder, which doesn’t pin you down to a chronic mental health condition.

A mental health diagnosis may be true for medications, but when it comes to a functional health approach?

It’s just not true.

We interact with lots of people this time of year struggling with:
🔹 Feeling sad or hopeless
🔹 Negative thought patterns
🔹 Unable to get motivated
🔹 Snapping at loved ones
🔹 Easily irritated or angry

Or just generally feeling BLAH. Sick and tired of being sick and tired. Weight gain. Fatigue. Lethargy. No energy. Wanting to sleep all the time. Isolation.

Here’s the thing:
The natural approach we take in our health coaching supports a healthy mood—whether that is your main concern or not!
I’m talking about correcting underlying biochemical patterns that disrupt mood by using simple strategies like:

🥦 Nutrition- gut imbalances affect you in a variety of ways. Dysbiosis of the gut bacteria has been implicated by some physicians as the cause of ALL disease states.
👟 Exercise- Several reports indicate that vigorous exercise is as effective at improving moods as adjustment disorder medications.
💤 Sleep- You will feel the effects of inadequate sleep the very next day after a disrupted sleep pattern. You can get the same effects by sleeping too much.
😇 Stress Relief- Stress induces cortisol elevation and places you in “fight or flight” mode impacting your mood.
💊 Supplements- A myriad of supplements may be help adjustment disorders in combination with the above strategies.

Watch for my upcoming posts because I’ll be taking a deep dive into little known causes of low mood and what can be about it. See you then 👀 Website: www.healthwithoutrisk

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