The Hercules Shot


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The Hercules Shot is a combination of essential amino acids designed to increase athletic performance, improve health, aid weight loss, build muscle, burn fat and improve sexual performance. It is given as an injection once weekly.



Hercules Shot components:

Glutamine- the most abundant amino acid in the body which may improve protein synthesis, optimize immune function and is needed for brain function and digestion.

Arginine- is turned into Nitric Oxide in the body which aids arterial vessel dilation and triggers the body to produce protein. It has been studied for treating heart disease, heart failure, erectile dysfunction and headaches. Carnitine- acts as an antioxidant helping to turn fat into energy to aid in weight loss, male sexual health and exercise performance.

Leucine- an essential branched chain amino acid that has to be obtained from diet, is important in energy production, muscle development, improving exercise results and may increase strength as well as longevity.

Isoleucine- is also an essential branched chain amino acid not produced in the body and has to be obtained through dietary sources. Isoleucine is involved in reduction in muscle breakdown as well as stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Valine- is also a branched chain amino acid that is not synthesized in the body. It is important for maintaining a healthy nervous system, muscle repair, blood sugar levels and regulating the immune system. Its use will promote muscle repair and may reduce nervousness and stress.

The Hercules Shot is made specifically for you at Wells Pharmacy and comes with a freshly made vial with syringes and needles for administration as an intramuscular injection once weekly.

Also Includes: 30cc vial, 30 syringes/needles and UPS Shipping.


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