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This is the last in my series of posts on estrogen dominance, so be sure to go back and check out the ones you missed! Here are the links to those four posts.

Estrogen dominance can be confusing and frustrating—especially because the conventional medical system has little to offer in the way of solutions. There is a natural progesterone cream I’ve found useful for women since 1996 that may also help balance your estrogen without a hormone prescription. The product is called Kokoro Balance Creme. You can find it on this website under the For Women banner:

Bringing hormones back into balance requires a commitment to healthy habits, but we can support the process with targeted nutritional supplements.

Here are 3 categories of supplements to consider:

💊 Gut Support (for estrogen elimination):
● DIM (di-indolyl-methane) comes from cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli. It supports healthy metabolism of estrogen into preferable rather than harmful forms. Don’t let the methane part of the name alarm you. It is just a chemistry name, not the methane gas you may be thinking about.
● Calcium-d-glucarate slows down the beta-glucuronidase enzyme in the gut. That means estrogen will be less likely to recirculate into the body and more likely to exit in the stool.
● Probiotics support a healthy microbiome, which keeps beta-glucuronidase in check and supports healthy bowel movements. You can also support a healthy gut microbiome by eating fermented foods such as pickles, sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi, kefir, tempeh, raw cheese, miso, and yogurt. In his book “Super Gut”, Dr. William Davis has multiple recipes for yogurt you can make at home. Not all of these foods are for everyone so if none of these sound appealing, make sure you take a quality probiotic. Or do both!

💊 Liver Support (for estrogen metabolism):
● Magnesium is a cofactor for many enzymes, including liver enzymes involved in estrogen metabolism. The most bioavailable form is magnesium glycinate.
● Vitamin B6 supports the liver in metabolizing estrogen. It also supports the production of progesterone, which is needed to balance estrogen.

💊 Hormone Support (for estrogen-progesterone balance):
● Zinc supports the production of FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone), which promotes ovulation—leading to increased progesterone production.
● Grape seed extract may be one of several plant compounds able to block the action of aromatase, meaning less estrogen production.

Looking for the best way to come up with a supplement plan that will work for YOU?

Work with a qualified practitioner! We have a dispensary for supplements at Fullscript so I put together an Estrogen Dominance protocol for you to consider. Fullscript supplements are derived by health professionals, vegetable based, and nonGMO with no fillers or dyes. You can find the protocol here:

If you need help, send me a message, email me at or go to our website at

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